Cryotherapy has been used in medicine for more than 40 years and recently for treatment of heart arrhythmias and peripheral vascular disease. 

The initial work leading to the formation of CryoTherapeutics was carried out in the area of development of cryotherapy devices for application to treatment of atherosclerosis and this work has led to the generation of a number of approved patents held by the company and several patents pending. The system is comprised of a catheter that is inserted into the coronary artery for delivery of cryoenergy at temperatures below zero, and a control unit delivering a cryogen at the required temperature.

  • Cryotherapy used in medicine for 40 years in several applications and is safest form of energy for use in the body
  • Intravascular cryotherapy has proven clinical benefit in treatment of peripheral artery disease and cardiac arrhythmias
  • Preclinical studies have shown that cryotherapy can stabilize plaque in relevant animal models
  • Cryotherapy treats underlying pathophysiology of inflamed region
  • Avoiding the use of implants has major advantages (for example, reduced antiplatelet therapy, regulatory, cost benefits)


CryoTherapeutics closes new €12.3 million financing round.

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