Founded in 2009 in Germany, CryoTherapeutics is an early stage European innovative company that has now established its operations in Awans (Liège). The company has developed a novel catheter system to treat atherosclerotic plaque that causes heart attacks by delivering cryoenergy to the coronary arteries. 

CryoTherapeutics aims to utilise its novel cryoenergy therapy for patients who have suffered a coronary event And who have been determined to be at risk of a future heart attack. CryoTherapeutics has raised €12.3 million in its latest round of financing and will use these funds to complete its first clinical trial and to continue development of this technology for commercial launch in the future.

We currently have a number of job vacancies in the areas of research and development, quality and clinical affairs. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities within CryoTherapeutics then please write to the CEO, John Yianni on



CryoTherapeutics closes new €12.3 million financing round.

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