CryoTherapeutics has developed a patented system consisting of a console and an intracoronary catheter to be used by interventional cardiologists. The Cryotherapy System (CTS) is intended to treat specific diseased areas within the coronary arteries, so called high-risk plaque, presenting a high-risk of causing heart attacks.  

Using X-ray guidance, the catheter is advanced until the balloon at the tip of the catheter is positioned at the level of the plaque requiring treatment. The operator inflates the balloon and initiates the treatment: the console then delivers a cooling agent to the tip of the catheter in a controlled manner to reach and maintain a temperature between -10C to -20C for treatment of the high-risk plaque in the coronary artery. Each catheter is used only once whereas the console is reusable.

The console – delivers cryotherapy to the tip of the catheter
The console and cylinder

User interface providing procedure status data to the physician
Connection to the catheter
The catheter


CryoTherapeutics closes new €12.3 million financing round.

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