CryoTherapeutics is an early-stage European innovator developing a catheter for use by interventional cardiologists to treat atherosclerotic plaque that causes heart attack by delivering cryoenergy to the coronary arteries. 


CryoTherapeutics is developing its CTS system, designed to provide intracoronary cryotherapy treatment for patients with high-risk plaque lesions (also called vulnerable plaque) , who are (at risk of) suffering a heart attack, as confirmed by diagnostic methods. The first in human clinical trial is currently ongoing, as part of a robust clinical program to prove the safety and efficacy of the CTS system for approval and launch of the technology on the market. . Current activities also include further product development to support the programs and optimize clinical applicability. Based on this we aim to become a major participant in the market for minimally invasive treatment of coronary artery disease.

  • Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the developed world;
  • EU 1.6m, US 1.25million heart attacks per year;
  • Inflammatory atherosclerotic processes lead to high-risk plaque in coronary arteries and are the major cause of heart attack. The majority of heart attacks occur in patients with a coronary plaque lesion that currently is not severe, presents little to no symptoms, and is therefore hard to diagnose at-risk patients;
  • High-Risk plaque lesions present often in young patients and progresses often without specific symptoms; it can therefore be challenging to diagnose patients. Development and progress in CCTA imaging, and its growing uptake in routine cardiological practice will allow earlier non-invasive detection of high-risk plaque.
  • Use of stents to treat high-risk plaque carries particular risks and uncertain outcomes: 
  • CryoTherapeutics is developing a treatment for use by interventional cardiologists to address these problems.


CryoTherapeutics closes new €12.3 million financing round.

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