CryoTherapeutics is an early stage European innovator developing a catheter for use by interventional cardiologists to treat inflamed atherosclerotic plaque that causes heart attack by delivering cryoenergy to the coronary arteries. We are aiming to use our technology initially to treat patients that have already had a coronary event such as heart attack or unstable angina. These are patients that are at highest risk of having a second coronary event  and by treating these patients we aim to avoid these future additional events. We achieve this by using invasive and non invasive imaging to guide our therapy to areas of the coronary artery where there is imflammatory disease.

CryoTherapeutics is developing a treatment for use by interventional cardiologists that avoids the use of an implant with the associated risks of such implants.


The business of the company is to develop and market the novel cryoenergy therapy for patients identified by diagnostic imaging technologies as being at risk of heart attack sometime in the future. Current activities are aimed at carrying out a first-in-man clinical evaluation following which we would complete further clinical studies for approval and launch of the technology onto the market, initially in Europe. By achieving these goals we aim to become a major participant in the market for minimally invasive treatment of coronary artery disease.

  • Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the developed world
  • EU 1.6m, US 1.25million heart attacks per year
  • Inflamed plaque in coronary arteries is major cause of heart attack and majority occur in patients whose stenosis is not severe, therefore hard to diagnose at-risk patients
  • There are no approved interventional treatments for treating imflamed coronary plaque that is responsible for heart attack
  • Stents are intended as scaffolds for severely stenosed vessels (angina) and are not optimal for use in partially narrowed vessels that cause heart attack 


CryoTherapeutics closes new €12.3 million financing round.

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